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Personal projects


  • In 2021, I wanted to re-visit what front-end web development was like so I re-built this website using Gatsby. It allowed me to get hands-on with modern JavaScript, React, and GraphQL.

  • I am interested in data and analytics and in particular how it can be more accessible with better tooling. In 2020, I co-wrote this article. I am a fan of using Python and SQL for data analytics.

  • In 2018 and 2019, I experimented with machine learning here and wrapped it in Django to demo. I originally deployed the Django app on a VPS and manually configured and managed the web server and database server (I won’t do that again).

  • In 2019, I played around with stat models here to predict the 2019 AFL season because I haven’t played/followed footy since school but I wanted to take part in the tipping comp. Overall, it performed ok but notably did 100% accuracy in one of the rounds.

  • In 2014, I made Timely, a time recording web app for use at work. It allowed my teammates to conveniently track time they spent on projects for billing and costing purposes. I built it as a simple CRUD web app using PHP without any app frameworks. It was the first app I made and I learned a lot about authentication and data capture.

  • In 2014, I made Where To, an iPhone app that finds a place nearby to go to when you’re out with friends and everyone’s response to “where to?” is “I don’t mind, anywhere is cool with me.” I wrote it in Objective-C and used Google’s Places API to find interesting places. I am still maintaining this app for iOS changes. It doesn’t make any money or have any users but I enjoy keeping informed about the Apple development platforms.

  • In 2014, I had a list of suggestions of places to eat in NYC from a recent trip. Along with my photos from the trip, I wrapped it up in some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and called it New York City Eats. I hadn’t made a website since using HTML, marquees, and frame in 1997 - it was interesting to say the least.

Photos and videos


I made Version 2 of this website using Gatsby.

I made Version 1 of this website using Middleman. It’s a static site generator and uses many of the tools from the Ruby web development world.

You can verify my ownership of this domain on Keybase.