So I finally got everything together needed to use this SaberStrip.  When I was  putting it together I was thinking what a hack job the whole device was - nothing really to it but a tube (albeit strong) and my radio trigger dangling outside connected to my SB-900 with a sync cable.

But oh my what beautiful light that comes out of it.  It’s just this nice soft light.  I mainly got it because it was meant to create more of a strip light look (i.e. more restricted lighting), but so far it looks more like a small softbox (soft light everywhere).

Anyhoo, I took a picture of my dusty house plant - one hand on the camera, one hand holding the light.

20110628 210530  rli1824

I’m a fan of this contrasty desaturated look at the moment.  Whether it’s Filterstorm on my iPhone or Photoshop on my iMac…I just love playing with those sliders and seeing what happens.

One last thing, I have to say, Lightroom is so much better than Aperture.  The things it does well just suits me so much more.