Vivid Sydney 2011 - Umbrella

It was raining, there were lots of lights and reflections, the atmosphere was awesome.

The photo below is a personal favorite simply because its colour caught my eye, it was transparent, I looked into my viewfinder, I saw the light, I bent one knee to position it between me and the light, I checked my exposure and…click.

I’m getting there.  Just 10,000 hours and then the journey gets really interesting.

Rob Li Photography

There’s just this special feeling shooting with a simple 50mm lens with the camera on manual.  Feels like the camera is truly just a mechanical tool…to capture the light.  I feel like I’m really just beginning to see the light, rather than just the subject…feels exciting…that the fun is just starting.

More umbrellas

Rob Li Photography

Rob Li Photography

I still wish my photos were much more deliberate.  They are deliberate…but I want them to be…more deliberate.  I’ll figure out what I mean…