Hi, I'm Rob. This site is my little spot on the internet.



I made Where To, an iPhone app that finds a place nearby to go to when you're out with friends and everyone's response to "where to?" is "I don't mind, anywhere is cool with me."

I had a list of suggestions of places to eat in NYC. I wrapped it up in some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and called it New York City Eats.

I made Timely, a time recording web app for use at work. It allows teams to conveniently track the time they spend on projects for billing and costing purposes.

I worked with Vantage Interactive on this little ad for the UNSW School of Mining Engineering. I did the majority of the video editing.

I love photography. You can see my photos here and all over my blog posts and websites. I have photographed a wedding and engagement.

I made this website using Middleman. It's a static site generator and uses many of the tools from the Ruby web development world.


On Twitter: @itsrobli, Instagram, Tumblr.