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Japan's Design Culture

Ever since I found out about Japanese toothpicks - I have been watching out for other interesting Japanese designs.

Japanese design, particularly of every day objects, is something I find pleasing. Good design promotes efficiency as a social norm (...)

Japan trip September 2015

Finally got around to going through these photos.

The Stratechery 2015 year in review

A great collection of the best articles from Stratechery in 2015.

My blog is not a link blog. I am linking to this because, throughout 2015, Stratechery has been a consistent instigator for my own critical thinking.

Many of my own blogs started (...)

Apple Pencil review

I made a short YouTube video reviewing the new Apple Pencil particularly focusing on the latency and accuracy.

A new website and 10 years on the Mac

A new website

Steve Jobs once said:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.

I believe this is the right approach to doing most things. Start by thinking about the outcome you want, then figure (...)