Everpix releases data gold mine for startups

We heard last year all about Everpix having to shutdown.

Everpix released yesterday a gold mine of data about their experiences as a startup. It includes everything from financial data about their operations to pitch slides to venture capital firms.

They have done a huge service to almost anyone looking to start their own business by releasing such detailed intelligence - especially software developers.

Here are some example of common startup questions this dataset helps answering:

  • What are investment terms for consecutive convertible notes and an equity seed round? What does the end cap table look like?
  • How does a Silicon Valley startup spend its raised money during 2 years?
  • What does a VC pitch deck look like?
  • What kinds of reasons do VCs give when they pass?
  • What are the open rate and click rate of transactional and marketing emails?
  • What web traffic do various news websites generate? (see here and here)
  • What are the conversion rate from product landing page to sign up for new visitors?
  • How fast do people purchase a subscription after signing up to a freemium service? (see here and here)
  • Which countries have higher suscription rates? (see here and here)

The most interesting data I found (in the short 10-20 minutes I spent looking) is evidence supporting the proposition that people who used Everpix loved Everpix. You can see below the retention rate of paying users is at almost 100%.


I feel it is a great shame that Everpix couldn’t raise the money they needed. It wasn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things (especially when considering what garbage is funded nowadays).