New Zealand trip 2009 video

I finally acquired enough video editting knowledge (still very basic) and inspiration to put together this video below.

The inspiration for the technique comes from @TreyRatcliff at Stuckincustoms.  After I saw his video using this technique I knew straight away I would use this technique to share my next batch of holiday photos - luckily I didn’t need to wait till then because I had a bunch of photos from my New Zealand trip from 2009 rotting away on my hard drive.  I think this is a really great way to share lots of photos in a quick and exciting way and the technique is simple enough that a lot of people can do it.

I am in the process of putting together a how-to post on how I put together this video.  Hopefully, that will be finished and posted up soon.

This process that has occurred here reminds me of a post Chase Jarvis wrote recently here, excerpt below (emphasis added):

“IMHO, this is a great chronicle of the new era of making stuff in the world. Raw artistry, is put out into the world. Feedback and collaboration result. Fans and friends help support the making of this art. Great work gets made and shared, and the recipe of how it was all pulled off is given back to the world for consumption, edification, and repetition.

That last part is an ideology that I only learned about in the last 6 month and something I am starting to really believe in.

In my context, Trey Ratcliff has put together a video in quite a creative way, he has been kind enough to make a how-to video which has in turn allowed me to make my version.  I have tweaked it a little bit and will pass on how I did it.

This is an example of how the internet is democratising content and knowledge and ultimately encouraging creativity.  An innately non-creative person like me can now find great quality resources for free and learn to be creative.

Exciting times ahead.