Paradise Beach at sunset in HDR

There is a halo above the roof of the boathouse…I was too lazy to fix it.  HDR suits landscapes really well, but it’s not a simple process!

2011 04 17 at 16 36 24  rli1300and8more tonemapped

Given I was in the area, I decided to drive a little further up north to Paradise Beach.  It’s a very secluded place…very small.  Kind of a private beach for the people that live in that area but technically public property.

I arrived in good time and spent time scouting the area, looking for good shots.  I then sat around for a good 30-45min to wait for the sun to go down.  I almost  felt like a real photographer for a while there =P.

I need a longer lens.  With my single 24mm lens, I’m kind of limited to landscapes.  I’m ready for new challenges.