Manly 17 July 2010

Another late delayed entry. Just some thoughts from the day:

I completely agree with the notion that practice is everything as every time I take some photos I learn a great deal.

During a simple stroll around Manly at sunset, I learnt a lot about how using different exposures can help capture colours. Along with this, the importance of manual mode when the camera's metering system fails and using the correct focus points. I was able to capture the colours in the images below without any post processing adjustments.

I also noticed that I think a lot more about what i want to capture now and not just snapping randomly.

The image above shows that if I speed the shutter speed up, I can cut out enough of the bright light so the subtle colours can come through better.

The images below show that, as always with photography, there is a trade-off as to what else you want to capture and how well exposed they are.

The photo above could have had the buildings blacked out even more, with more of a silhouette look, given the details in them are really not important.

As opposed to the image above, where the colour of the sky and rock pool come out well but I wouldn't mind slightly more detail in some of the other areas as I think the overall image looks a little too dark.

I didn't get a chance to try any polarising or other colour adjustments with the photos I captured, but I feel they might add something, but I'm not quite sure what else I want to add.

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